Women and Children


In Bangladesh, initiatives are underway to address critical issues concerning women and children. The "Eradication of Hazardous Child Labor in Bangladesh (4th Phase)" project aims to rescue 100,000 children from hazardous labor, offering them non-formal education, skill development training, and a monthly stipend. Additionally, a social awareness program targets helpless, hardcore poor, and underprivileged women in remote areas, empowering them with knowledge on nutrition, safe water, sanitation, and hygiene. Another project focuses on ensuring the health of disadvantaged and underprivileged communities, providing comprehensive maternal and child health services. Moreover, efforts are being made to enhance the income of women living in remote areas through training programs, recognizing their vital role in agriculture and the challenges they face due to the cost of living crisis. These initiatives aim to alleviate poverty, empower women, and create a safer and healthier environment for children. Through these comprehensive measures, Bangladesh strives to improve the well-being and opportunities for women and children, promoting equality and sustainable development.