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Non Formal Education Initiatives

Organizing educational activity outside the formal system to meet the basic learning needs of disadvantaged groups

Women and Children

Efforts to eradicate hazardous child labor, raise awareness among vulnerable women, ensure mother and child health.

ICT Empowerment

Enhancing digital literacy and employment opportunities for women through ICT training in Bangladesh

Dengue Prevention

Dengue has become a growing public health threat in Bangladesh due to its gradual increasing morbidity and mortality

Water & Sanitation Initiative

Enhancing public health through safe water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene promotion in Bangladesh.

COVID-19 Response

Creating awareness and distributing preventive measures to fight against this severe acute respiratory syndrome

About us About Us

Shishu Protiva Bikash Kendro (SPBK) is an independent, registered, non-government, non-profit, and civil society-based organization in Bangladesh. SPBK’s (Shishu Protiva Bikash Kendro) prime motto is “With Co-Education, Free of Offense and Student Unity.” Today’s children are the future of tomorrow. Children of today will be the soldiers of building long cherished Sonar Bangla. To achieve this, nurturing and preparing this young generation is one of the great challenges for the nation. Due to social and other barriers, many of our children are deprived of their fundamental rights. They are being abandoned from schools, which will be a catastrophe for our developing country. These dropouts are at risk for participation in anti-social activities. Shishu Protiva Bikash kendro works in a compact way for these dropped outs to integrate them in general education and provide them with the fundamental rights they deserve. Shishu Protiva Bikash Kendro is free from politics and led voluntarily by a vigorous and enthusiastic youth. This organization ensures primary education to underprivileged children who are already out of school. Moreover, this organization is working relentlessly to make our children and youth a competent, modern, and patriotic unit by providing them with moral education and to aware them of the abuses of information and technology. SPBK is also working in the sectors of Health, Family Planning, Women and Children Welfare, Water and Sanitization, Information and Communication Technology, and Narcotics Control. For its unique goals and activities, this organization has already got registration from NGO Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Social Welfare, Family Planning, Narcotics Control, Technical Education Board of People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

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Mizanur Rahman


In order to create a better future and ensure the fulfillment of fundamental human rights, it is important for people to support and assist those in need. Shishu Protiva Bikash Kendro is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged children and working towards a sustainable future.

Executive Voices Executive Voices

Abdullah Al Noman

Executive Director

“Shishu Provita Bikash Kendro” the name itself carries the significance of the works performed by the organization. The goals and purposes of the organization lies in the name. SPBK is solely dedicated to make the betterment of the lives of fundamental rights deprived children and turn them as assets for the country.